Friday, June 16, 2006


Why is gas $3.10? Why is airfare $260, one-way, for a 1:15 hour flight? Oh yeah, the $3.10 is for regular. Highway robbery. Pun intended.


Driving up the four interstate highways is never fun. 8 hours and 45 minutes of reading ugly brown signs bearing names of Indian Rivers, basins & parks, none of which will stay in my long term memory, is just plain boring. Blue signs of competing gas stations and restaurants illustrate a strong advertising industry. Then there is the truck driver that is just as bored, but at least has eye-candy from 9 ft above the paved road. I counted about 15 loud, annoying and unsolicited honks. I waved to the occasional driver just because. Hell, I was tired of "My Top Rated" on my ipod.


Kudos to Geisha who didn't whine at all. She sat pin still in the back seat the entire time. We stopped once for a girl's room break. Oh yeah, and we refilled the tank. $44.00, plus a Diet Coke and fruit bar = $47.00.

I just realized that the feds have us on lock down. I drive to save spending $260 one-way. But, $60 on gas, $5 on food (way cheap this time), 120 minutes of talk time on my cell phone, which if calculated results in $48 in overage fees (.40/min), and my self-paying hourly rate of, uhm, let's say $80/hour x 9 = $720, makes my trip a total of $833 (didn't even mention the wear on my car). After all, I spent an extra $573, just to try & save $260. I'LL FLY NEXT TIME!

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