Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ken & I Were Strung Out!

Ken Ford is well poised and studious looking on the cover of his latest album suggesting his music is classical. Two minutes into the first track and you’ll be in for a sweet surprise of uncommon jazz melodies and finger movements unseen to even a skilled type writer. His sold out shows begin with an uproar of howling women and men standing in anticipation of his smoky stage entrance. A strong bass drum kick, a low G down beat and a huge smile set the tone for the evening.

Ford plays the acoustic and electric violin with such passion and intuitiveness that he makes his bow lose strings several times. His intimate connection with his instrument is simply beautiful. Ken Ford’s music is transgenerational, transcultural, transgender and just damn good!

BH: When I first heard you were an electric violinist, I thought how cool. Then I thought, hmm, a historically classical instrument being used to do jazz & funk through an electric medium. So, I gotta ask, why the violin [electric]?

For the full interview, go here: Ken Ford Interview

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