Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Visit With The Lovely Amel Larrieux

Rising to fame in the 1990s as the lead vocalist for Groove Theory, known for their ubiquitous hit, “Tell Me”, Amel has managed to create a wonderfully varied and complex solo career. Her newest album, Lovely Standards, is her fourth release as a solo artist.

As sweet and peaceful as her face appears on her latest release, Amel Larriuex’s vocals will sweep you to a comfort zone where you easily forget about the hard knocks of life. With subtle resonation of melodic and enthusiastic tunes we all know (or should anyway), this songstress interprets the greats, with awesome agility and cotton candy nostalgia.

BH: I know you have a new album coming out (at time of interview, album had not yet been released), but I have to go back to “Tell Me”. One of my favorite hits in the 90’s! Do you still receive accolades off that single?

Amel: Well, I still get royalties! It gets a lot of notoriety and is very personal to certain people. Wherever I go, people are like I still play “Tell Me”. And others will be like ‘when Tell Me came out, I was graduating from HS, or I was just taking my Bar examine’, so really nice all the way around. It’s great when people can associate a song with a part of their life they’ve blocked off.

BH: So you have and Bryce talked about getting back together?


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