Thursday, January 08, 2009

Debunking Mexican Stereotypes

(beach view from the grounds of our resort the Grand Mayan)

Mexicans are underrated. Period.

My family travels to this Middle American country at least every two years. We love it. It's an escape to realism. A journey to a land of struggle and profound ethic. We eat great food, tread really blue water, talk to honest people, receive unparalleled customer service, and perch our eyes on historical edifices.

(random grilled chicken spot we found on the side of the road. Delish!)

The appreciation of our openness to the average Jose is reciprocated with extra measure in securing our comfort. I like to call that exceptional customer service. A notion long absent in the United States.

I assert that all foreign visitors would concur. After all, how many times can I say that Mexicans extend themselves like none other, consistently!?

I was particularly happy during our last visit. A certain young guy at our host resort offered us free WiFi, usually a $60 fee. We also benefited from fantastic personal cooking by the Executive Chef. I mean, it just doesn't get better.

But then something really strange occurs when we return to the Grand Ol' Land. We see them as janitors in our cleanest schools. They operate thousands of gourmet and well starred kitchens across America. They build our government centers. They even help beautifyy our communities. But then an unfortunate situation such as seeing a pack of 6-10 Mexicans in one mini-van jump out and we start calling INS? We start name spewing derogatory adjectives.

But what would happen if Mexicans said "To hell with you Americans! You arrogant bithces!" and they return to their country?


S*** would shut down. We'd be pissed and many of us would be forced to get off our asses and actually get our hands dirty. I had a cousin once say that she was going to employ "one of those Mexicans to fix my yard because they're cheap".

I'm Cuban and took offense.

I appreciate hustle because I am one. I beg you to rethink next time you judge a Mexican, if you do. After all, they're willing to do what you and I aren't.

Like a private citizen giving The Wall Street Journal a multi-million dollar loan to help them stay afloat.

(eating lunch at Hector's. Best guac in Vallarta!)

Here's to guac and tequila!


Maria said...

Thanks for visiting our blog!! I could go for chips and salsa right now. Love that last photo:)

Simply...Gluten-free said...

That last photo has me licking my screen!